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The Console is the new account management interface where you can manage your services. It provides one simple place to manage your products and services. There is also a support code which is required for verification when using phone support.

Please refer to the pictures below for a glimpse of The Console.
console overview
console overview 2

At the top of The Console we have some general account information, which includes your account reference number and support code. When you call Webcentral for support & our customer service team needs to verify your access to service, they will use this number to do so. 

A breakdown of the categories inside The Console.
  • Overview

    • The initial screen that lists the domains the services attached to your domains. All services such as Webhosting and Email must be assigned to a Domain name Clicking the Manage link under Administer next to a domain, will launch the relative control panel. There are a few other tools here which include domain registration and bulk DNS tools.
  • Order

    • If you would like to add services to your account with WebCentral you can place orders through here. Things such as Domain registration, Email Hosting, Web Hosting can be purchased here, as well as other products. On the right hand side you can see and overview of your recent orders & order history as well as upgrade/downgrade services.
  • Billing

    • The Billing tab displays a history of your invoices, includes your Billing details. Please note, your Billing details may differ from your contact details. The ability to setup a pre-paid balance aswell as set a default credit card are available here.
  • Support

    • Sometimes everybody need's a helping hand. In this this section you can create and review support requests for our customer service team. Our recommendation for quickest support resolution please specify the category that aligns closely to the nature of your request.
  • Notifications

    • Check all your notifications from WebCentral in this area. Whilst all notifications are sent by email to your listed contact, you can review a complete history of notifications here. The ability to re-send emails for your personal records also exists, simply click on the subject and hit the re-send button.
  • Account

    • The Account tab displays your contact details. You can update your contact details at any time. For security and good record keeping WebCentral recommends that you keep your contact details up to date. This is also the area to modify your password aswell as toggle on/off SMS notifications.
For more in-depth information into certain areas of The Console, please refer to other articles in our Knowledge Base.

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