Determining which Hosting Platform your account is on

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WebCentral offers two hosting platforms to its customers. Our oldest platform is referred to as the Legacy platform. The system that was brought in after that is known as MCAM (Mission Control Account Management). The current and newest platform is referred to as The Console, and we are beginning to migrate all of our customers into this one, single platform.

It's a bit confusing right now, because as we migrate, we have these platforms running at the same time. As such, you'll notice some articles are labelled with "MCAM" and some are labelled with "Legacy". As you might have guessed, the articles labelled MCAM are for MCAM customers, and the articles labelled Legacy are for Legacy customers. Articles that don't have a label are relevant to anyone. 

So, how do you know whether you're Legacy or MCAM? 

Migrated Legacy Customers

  • Logs in with WC-###### account reference number
  • Manages services via 
  • Historically logged in with vs######
  • Recently received an email with information about migrations and a new Account Reference number
  • Control Panel looks like:
Screen shot of Console

MCAM Customer

  • Logs in with admin_vs######
  • VS numbers vs446000 through to vs454999.
  • Manage services via
  • Signed up for Managed Exchange post 2011.
  • ​Purchased Windows Webhosting prior to June 2014
  • MCAM looks like this:
User-added image

If your still struggling to figure out what platform your on and require further assistance please give us a call on 1800-800-099


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