Email forwarding in Mission Control

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It's quite easy to set up an email-forwarder with WebCentral.

You can choose to forward all email instead of receiving it to this mailbox, or you store a copy in this mailbox, and automatically forward the mail to another address.

After logging into the console you'll be presented with the dashboard. On the left hand side in the navigational pane please select "Mission Control Service Panel"

Mission Control Service Panel

Next click on the "Log In Now" button which will appear, when prompted for a username and password, please enter the login details displayed on this screen.

Now your into the correct area to manage your legacy mailboxes.

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From the home screen, point to My Email, then click Edit/Create Mailboxes.

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From the email list, select Edit, in the Action column, for the mailbox you'd like to setup the autoforwarding for.

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From the mailbox's General Settings page, click the Auto-Forwarder tab.

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On the Auto-Forwarder page, choose one of the options for the Auto-Forwarder settings. Note that the second option will mean no mail is stored in this mailbox - All mail will be forwarded. To disable the auto-forwarder, simply select the Off option.

Enter the email address you'd like to forward mail to in the Forward Mail to: field.

Once the forwarder is configured as desired, click Save.


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