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From time to time, you may notice that people sending you emails are having them bounced back to them with a message similar to: Messaged rejected by SpamDefend (5.4.2). This can sometimes happen when an email sent to you is picked up by the Spam Defend filter for looking too “Spammy”.

There are several possible reasons this might happen, such as certain key words used, phrases that have been identified as spam in previous messages, or even images. The Spam Defend product is designed to save you time and blocks an incredible amount of spam from ever reaching your Mailbox.

Stopping Spam Defend from blocking your mail

The good thing about the Spam Defend filter is that email addresses and even whole domain names can be added to a whitelist. The whitelist tells Spam Defend to allow emails from a certain email address or domain to pass through the filter, even if some of the above things are picked up. The easiest way to have something added to your Spam Defend whitelist is to log a support case to our technical team. I suggest using the below format when logging a a support request to have an email address or domain added to the whitelist.


Spam Defend Whitelist Addition


I have received the following bounce back indicating that an email sent to me was rejected by Spam Defend:


**Please include a copy of the full bounce back message here**


As this email is not spam, we would like the following email addresses/domain names to be added to the Spam Defend whitelist.


Can you please advise once this has been completed?


Once the email address or domain has been added to the whitelist, our Customer Service team will update the case to advise you. This process is generally quite fast and is usually completed within 24 hours, depending on the workload our team is under.


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