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Keeping your password secure

It’s important to keep your password safe and secure at all times. However, if you do forget your password, there are several options available to you. MCAM and My Account customers can reset their passwords via an online form, whereas Legacy customers unfortunately don't have this functionality. All customers are able to contact our technical support team to have their password reset.

Further, if you haven't forgotten your password but want to change it, you can do this through Mission Control (for Legacy and MCAM customers), or through My Account (for My Account customers).

When setting a new password, a good thing to keep in mind is how secure the new password is. You can use a website such as to get an estimate of how secure your desired password will be.

Resetting your password

If you use the Console to manage your account,  you can reset your password with the following link.
Reset your password 

If you use Mission Control Account Management, please refer to the following link for a guide on how to reset your password:
Password Recovery [MCAM]

Legacy customers are unable to reset their passwords via an online form. You will need to contact our Customer Service Team if you have forgotten the password to your account. 

Requesting a password reset 

If for some reason you are unable to use the above links, or you are a customer on the Legacy platform, please contact our customer service team on 1800 800 099, Option 2.

Our Customer Service team will re-issue your Welcome Letter, which will contain important information about your account, including your Mission Control Username and Password.

For Legacy accounts, the Welcome Letter will contain your current password. For MCAM accounts, it will contain the password your account was created with and, as such, we must reset your password to this original one.

Please note: We can only re-issue the Welcome Letter to the primary email address registered on the account, for security reasons. This is another reason it is important to make sure your details are always kept up-to-date.


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