Linux/Windows Hosting Overview

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Once you've logged into your Linux or Windows hosting plan, you'll be presented with our hosting control panel. On the left hand side you'll see a navigational bar, here's an overview of where to find everything.

Domain Name

  • Domain Name

    • Will give you an overview of your domain name. Here you check statistics such as date of registration, domain expiry, WHOIS contact details & EPP password.
  • Zone Manager

    • Manage your zone file & DNS records.
  • Domain Delegation

    • The ability to delegate your domain name to nameservers of your choosing. Host records can also be created here.

Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud Hosting

    • Overview of your hosting plan, displays statistics of your hosting plane, including usage information. Also includes FTP details, FTP accounts billing cycle information.
  • Database

    • Creation and management of database. Ability to specify users and various types of databases.
  • Applications

    • One click Web-Server applications install. You can install popular CMS's such as Wordpress, Joomla , Magento , etc.
  • Advanced

    • Index pages, server aliases & PHP version settings.
  • Statistics

    • An overview of statistics and web traffic displayed in graphical & text form.


  •  Email

    • Overview of email service included with plan. Displays usage/statistical information , ability to create/modify email addresses. Our anti-spam technology can be activated in this section.
  • Configure Email

    • A panel with more advanced email settings & modification of individual mailboxes. Includes forwards, auto responder's, automatic Outlook configuration scripts.

For more in-depth information into certain areas of the Control Panel, please refer to other articles in our Knowledge Base.

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