Managing your Account Details [MCAM]

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You can view your account details and more through Mission Control. Once logged in you have access to the following:

  • Account Permissions
  • Current Contact Details
  • Account Balance
  • View Invoices
  • Change Credit Card

Account Permissions

This section allows you to set permissions for individual users such as the management of billing, servers, jobs, details and users.

This section can be especially useful if you have staff that are responsible for different aspects of the business. For example, you may only want to give access to Jobs on your account to your Technical Support team.

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Current Contact Details

You can use this section to update your Address, Phone numbers and Primary and Secondary Contact people.

This section is especially important as Invoices are posted out to the address in this section and the Primary and Secondary Contacts are authorised to speak on your behalf.

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*The Primary Contact email address will be used to re-issue your username and password should you ever forget it, so ensure that this is up-to-date.

Current Account Balance

The Account Balance section is self-explanatory. Here you will find the current balance of your account. The credit card associated with the account will be auto-debited each billing cycle.

You can make a single payment with your credit card here, too.

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View Invoices

Invoices are displayed here. Select the month you would like to see and you can save it as a PDF file. It’s as simple as that.

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Change Credit Card

Has your credit card expired? Maybe you've changed banks? Here is where you can update your credit card details and avoid missing a payment on your account.

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