Mission Control Service Panel

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What's is it?

If you have recently been migrated onto our new Console platform the way you manage your account has changed. With a new product offering and some services not yet fully integrated we have decided to create a 'Mission Control Service Panel'. 


Where do I find it?

Once you have logged into The Console and have a domain selected. On the left hand side in the navigational pane, you will see 'Mission Control Service Panel' . Once you click on the 'Mission Control Service Panel' you will be presented with your Mission Control Service Panel details. Please click the log-in button and enter the details on the screen,

Please refer to the picture below:

Mission Control Service Panel

What can I do with it?

If you have a legacy service you will have the ability to manage them through here, as well as check historical invoice information.

How is this in upgrade?

Migration are alot of work! And we want to make sure that their is minimal impact to our customers. This is a method of moving your account into a centralized platform where you can manage multiple domains and services under one account. Please bare with us for a little longer as we work to improve the experience and fully integrate all of your services.


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