Netregistry Pre-Migration FAQs

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1. Why is my account being moved to Netregistry?
As a business we've decided to streamline our brands. Our valued WebCentral customers will be moved to Netregistry - our pertinent brand within the greater Melbourne IT Group.  Moving forward, our WebCentral brand will focus on solution based services such as web design and social media.  Whilst Netregistry remain our centre for excellence in terms of domain name and hosting services.

2. What is happening with WebCentral?
Moving forward, our WebCentral brand will focus on solution based services such as web design and social media. 

We will be retiring the Cortex platform, therefore the way you manage your services with us will change. As part of your account move you will be upgraded to Netregistry’s control panel, The Console, which offers additional functionality to your current platform and it's more user-friendly.

Your account will be moved to the closest possible product/service match to your current account, however some may vary slightly. For example, customers with Microsoft Exchange email services will be upgraded to Office 365, while customers with Website hosting will be upgraded to either cPanel or a more modern Windows 2012 server. We’ll provide each customer with information specific to their circumstances prior to migration.

3. Will any of my domains or websites go down during the migration?
We will be completing migrations for customers with web hosting and email services. As part of the migration, if there is an expected impact to your service during the migration window, we will provide information specific to your services prior to commencement.

4. How do I log in to my account after the migration?

5. What level of customer service and support can I expect from Netregistry?
24/7 phone support, as well as email and live chat.

6. What are the Netregistry support contact details? provides details for all contact channels.

7. What happens if my services are due for renewal?
We will carry over any subscription services and associated billing information. Services will continue to renew in the same cycles. If you have an outstanding invoice from WebCentral, please settle it as per usual. All future invoices after migration will be issued by Netregistry.

8. What happens if I want to purchase new products?
Netregistry has a range of products and services designed to meet your needs. If you’re needing help working out the best solution for your business, please contact us so we can help.

9. Will my WebCentral communication preferences change?
No, we will contact you the same way we always have. Let us know if you’ve changed your preference though.

10. Will my DNS or name server details change?
For customers who currently have DNS records pointing to, and, we will migrate your zone records to Netregistry’s nameservers, and as part of the migration. If your domain is registered with us, we will delegate the domain on your behalf. If your domain is not registered with us, we will provide you with details upon completion of the migration on the changes you will need to make to your delegation.

For customers who host their own DNS records, you may need to make updates to A, CNAME or MX records in order to complete the cutover of your service. We will provide you with details of the changes required specific to your circumstances prior to the migration, to allow you plan for cutover of services.

11. Are there changes to how I manage my domains?
You will no longer log in via WebCentral, you will log in using:

12. Do any of the inclusions of my subscription services (hosting/email) change?
For customers with Managed Exchange, there will be an upgrade of your email service to Office 365. Further information specific to your account will be provided closer to your migration. Customers with website hosting will be upgraded from Windows 2008 to our new Windows 2012 platform and user interface.

Information specific to your account will be provided prior to the migration window. Post migration, domain registration and renewal prices will be based on Netregistry’s published rates. This includes access to a wide range of additional extensions.

13. Will my Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy details change?
At the completion of the move, you will be subject to the Netregistry Terms and Conditions.


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