Setting up Exchange email in iOS

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Need help setting up your Managed Exchange emails on your iOS device? Follow the steps below to find out how.

This guide uses screenshots from an iPhone, but settings will be nearly identical if you're setting it up on an iPad or any other iOS device.

From the Home screen, click the Settings icon.

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You will need to scroll down and click the Mail, Contacts, Calendars button.

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You will need to select the Add Account option at the top to add your Manage Exchange email.

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As you have a Managed Exchange mailbox, you will need to select the Managed Exchange option.

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Enter in your Full Email Address, Password and a Description of your choice. I will call mine Exchange.

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If you have an auto-discover record setup on your DNS, your iPhone will automatically locate the remaining server’s details. If not, you will need to add these as per the table below.

Legacy/ Linux/ cPanel Accounts:

(Remember, these are settings for our Microsoft Managed Exchange mailboxes. Please see our articles on POP Mail if you are using a POP mailbox)

Email Address

Full Email Address

User Name

Full Email Address


Your Email Password

Server [Legacy]

Server [MCAM]

If prompted to enter a Domain, please enter SERVICES. However, please note that not all devices will ask for this.

Click Next and your iPhone will confirm the settings are correct. You will then see a series of ticks next to the fields as per the image below.

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Choose what you want to sync with your iPhone and click Save.

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