Setting up Managed Exchange in a new profile in Microsoft Outlook 2013 (or 2010)

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Do you want to setup your Managed Exchange email account in Microsoft Outlook 2013? If this will be the first account you’re adding to this Microsoft Outlook profile, then this guide will walk you through the basic steps to configure Microsoft Outlook with your email account.

Note that while this guide specifically targets Outlook 2013 and uses screenshots from it, the steps should be very similar to those taken in Microsoft Outlook 2010

First, we need to briefly go over the difference between an account and a profile. The most basic way to explain this is that a profile can have multiple accounts and that the word ‘account’ essentially refers to an email address.

For example, you might have, and These are two different email accounts, which you can easily set up under one profile in Microsoft Outlook. This will allow you to view and use both accounts at the same time and makes managing your business email and personal email much simpler.

As mentioned earlier, this guide assumes you’re setting up your Exchange account on a brand new Outlook install, where no emails are setup yet.

To begin, open Microsoft Outlook 2013. You will see a wizard pop up on the screen (a ‘wizard’ is a program to step you through a setup process), simply click the Next > button until you reach the Add Account screen, like this:

User-added image

Enter your information, then click Next >.

Outlook will search for settings for your domain. Your account should have an autodiscover record, which Outlook can use to find all of the settings that it needs and apply them. If this step fails, it is likely because that record is missing, which is not at all your fault. Please call us on 1800 800 099 so we can set this up for you and get your email up and running via alternate means, assuming we host your DNS.

Assuming the record is in place, though, you may see a couple of messages or warnings during this step, which will look like these:

User-added image

User-added image

Please click Allow and Yes, respectively, as the setup process needs your approval before it can configure your account.

Once you allow the account to be configured, or even if some of the warnings don't appear, it should apply the settings, and you’ll see something similar to the following screen:

 User-added image

Simply click Finish and that’s it! Your email is now setup in Microsoft Outlook 2013.


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