Using DNS with WebCentral services

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Using DNS with WebCentral services

There are three ways you can have any service configured that involve WebCentral:

  • Service on our servers, DNS on our servers.
  • Service hosted externally, DNS on our servers.
  • Service on our servers, DNS hosted externally.

Service on our servers, DNS on our servers

There’s nothing you need to do! The default DNS records for a WebCentral DNS service points all traffic to our servers.

Service on our servers, DNS hosted externally

If you have services with us, but host your DNS with another host, you will need to provide records to them in order for people to be able to access your services with us.

Email services

You will need to set MX records on your DNS host if you’d like email to your domain to be delivered to WebCentral’s email platform. Note that MX priorities below are recommendations only; any priorities are fine so long as mx1 is the primary.

Web hosting services

To set your web services to receive traffic, you will need to set various records to point to the IP address of your server. At a minimum, you should set the WWW and base A records, so that traffic for your website is delivered to our servers and sees the content of your site.

We also suggest pointing an FTP record at your IP for convenience; this will allow you to use in FTP scenarios, which is easy to remember.

Service hosted externally, DNS on our servers

If your DNS is managed on WebCentral’s servers, but you have services with other hosts that you need to direct traffic to, you will need to setup DNS records on our systems. To do this you will have to delegate your domain name to our Nameservers please refer to our guide on Nameservers . (WebCentral's Nameservers)

Note: Legacy changes are currently unavailable. To make DNS changes on a legacy account, lodge a support request through The Console. (How to lodge a support request)


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