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The cPanel hosting interface has many categories and options, cPanel is a powerful tool which allows for alot of customization. In this article we will break down the categories of cPanel and have a look at what these categories include.
  • Preferences

    • General account preferences and settings, please note the contact details inside of this section are not your global account contact details. You can also modify the theme of cPanel here.
  • Mail

    • Relates to your cPanel email service. POP Mailboxes with access to Webmail can be accessed through here. Webcentral also offers Anti-spam and the ability to modify MX records in this area.
  • Files

    • Managing your files, includes backups and file management. FTP connection details and FTP accounts can be identified here.
  • Logs

    • cPanel offers a range of tools to monitor who and how your site is being used. This is important to see how many resources your site is using. Error logs are also available in this section which can be used to troubleshoot errors with your site.
  • Security

    • A range of security options to ensure your website is more secure. If you purchase an SSL you can go through the process of installing it here. Password protected directories can be set-up to secure directories.
  • Domains

    • In this section you can modifications to your zone file. This includes several types of DNS records. Please note MX records are located under the Mail category. Subdomains & Addon domains can be setup here also.
  • Databases

    • Management of MySQL databases. This includes the creation/modification of database connection settings. The popular web based database management toll phpMyAdmin can be accessed here. 
  • Software/Services

    • Simple scripts is available here, simple scripts gives you the ability to install a range of web based applications. Here you can also modify the PHP version and manage PHP extensions.
  • Advanced

    • We have a selection of advanced tools in the final section. Things such as MIME types & custom error pages can be setup here. Modifications in this section can change the way your site functions.
For more in-depth information into certain areas of cPanel, please refer to other articles in our Knowledge Base.

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